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वीडियो का शीर्षक और विवरण अंग्रेजी में रखा गया है ताकि हमारे हिंदी नहीं जानने वाले मित्र भी इनका आनंद ले सकें.

Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Anand ki Pahechan
Title: Anand ki Pahechan
Description: When does a lamp look beautiful? Diya kab sundar lagta hai? In this chakki - the grinding stone of this world, do you really want to jump in? Or do you want to truly understand who you truly are? A master weights you against your possibility - kya sambhav hai!
Duration: 35:25 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Khilona Maati ka
Title: Khilona Maati ka
Description: The creator has done a miracle- the dust that doesn't move, animates. The dirt started to thinking. Do you know what's the first thing this dirt thought? That I'm not dirt.
There comes a time when the dirt goes back to dirt. The day it begins to happen, you know the reality.
Duration: 25:24 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Bin dekhe bin parkhe
Title: Bin dekhe bin parkhe
Bin dekhe parkhe bina
Naam let kya hoye
Dhan Dhan kahe dhani bane
To nirdhan hoye na koye
Each person in his life wants to grow, a farmer sows the field, and each year he wishes that the crops grow more than the previous year. In our life we have sad days as well as happy days. If you want to understand something, understand the one that is within you. You cannot see the eternal inside with your brain. This brain can catch things in the world, but if you want to experience the fulfillment within you, you cannot use your brain. If you want to listen to the truth, I will tell you. What you think real is not, it will come and go. Do not stay confused. God is blessing each one of us. The coming and going of this breath is god's blessing. The breath that he endows upon us is his blessing. One after the other, do you remember the number of times you have breathed? Each breath was god's blessing to you. Each time it came, you forgot. I am not talking about a day. I am talking about the joy you can experience in your life each day, until you are alive. Find that peace in your life. Wherever you find it, it is good. If you can't find it I can help. You are free. Find it, find that real contentment in your life!

Every person wants in their life to move forward, and progress. Farmer puts his plower in the field every year and wants the crops to be more than previous year. There is no dearth of people who will talk of different things. Only difference is that there is nothing real. Its just about words. And I have come to say (what I will say will remain words) But if you want, then in your life also there can be progress. And not just progress in theory, but real progress.

What does it mean? If you without finding the reality, if just taking the name did it, then everyone would have achieved it. To find the peace, you will have to find the path which will lead you it. What I am talking of is not just words, I am talking of experience. If you have to recognize something than recognize the one that is within you. It won't be visible through these eyes. Neither can this brain catch this point. Through the brain you can catch everything outside. But to catch the one that is within, you need to find some other tool to find
Ghat mein hai par soojhat nahi, laanat aisi jind
Tulsi ya sansar ko, bhayo mootiya bind

In the story of Ramayana, when Ravan is about to die, Raam asks Lakshman to take some wisdom from Ravan through his own experience. Lakshman goes to Ravan and asks "Teach me something on wisdom". Ravan says nothing. Lakshman comes back and tells this to Ram "He is about to die, but his arrogance is still as intact as ever!". Ram ask Lakshman to ask Ravan again, standing near his feat, with full respect. Lakshman does so, and Ravan obliges, "I had my own ideals. I wanted to convert the salty water of sea into sweet. I wanted to created pathway to heaven. But I did one mistake. I left all good deeds to be done tomorrow. This is my biggest mistake!"

What is the most heinous act? To not do the good. If a thirsty comes near the well. All facilities are around the well, palm dates, flowers and shades. Man comes to the well and looks all around and fetches dates, and collects flower, and returns. But that won't quench his thirst. He will have the dates and the flower, but for the sole motive that he came to drink is not fulfilled. So the thirst will remain. Dates and flowers will never quench his thirst. Unless he drinks water from the well, he will not be satiated.

Duration: 58:07 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Maharaji at Kathmandu Nepal
Title: Maharaji at Kathmandu Nepal
Description: This event took place in Kathmandu, Nepal in April 2009. Whatever we do in this world, but we have some responsibility towards ourselves. The most important thing is that we have been gifted this existence. This journey of life has already started, now there is no time to check whether you have packed your luggage properly. Now, you cannot turn back and pick the items you forgot to pack.
Understand the fact:
Boond samaai samudra mein
Yeh jaane sab koye
Samudra samaya boond mein
Boojhe birla koye
That there is a drop in the ocean everyone knows, but there is an ocean in every drop, is not known to all. The drop is you and the ocean is that infinite within you. When we take birth in this world, there is one thing we get tied to. That one thing is "Joy". Knowledge is the key with which you can open the doors to joy.

Duration: 50:23 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Apni Talaash
Title: Apni Talaash
Description: That which you are seeking for, is within you. I'm not saying that it will be inside you, or that it should be inside you. It is inside you. I will give you an example. Once upon a time, there was a destitute man. He had very very less resources. He went around too see the possibilities, and found a barren piece of land. He went to the landowner, and pleaded the landowner to take whatever wealth and belongings he had, and give him the land. Since the land was barren and full of boulders, it was not bringing any money anyways, so the landlord gave the land to the poor man. He worked very hard on it. He ploughed day and night, so it finally became green and fertile.

After years of hard work, he became fairly rich. He had a home and family also now. Everytime he got money by selling the crop, he would buy gold from it. Years passed and his kids grew up. When he was very old he took all the gold he had, packed it in a box, and dug it in the ground. In the final moment of his life, he called up his sons and told them "You are my son. And I want to you live happily without begging everyone. So listen to me carefully. When I die, then in the field that we have, don't forget to continue farming. Don't forget to plough this field. And I can guarantee you, that if you do so, you will never have to beg, you will have all the riches". Time passed, and kids thought that living in the little village limited their possibility, so they left village and left for city. They tried desperately hard in all businesses but couldn't succeed. Slowly slowly they got so caught up in their struggle and making money, that they forgot about the land they had in village. The house in village also became dilapidated, and the land became infertile again.

After many years a poor person just like the old man, came across the land and offered the same way to old man's son. Son thought about the land which had anyways never benefited them anyway. So they gave the land for a trifle. And as this poor man started his arduous work of ploughing, his plower struck the same box. He dug out the box, and he found huge amount of gold!

This life is the field, and practicing knowledge is like putting the plower in this land to make it fertile!

Duration: 37:01 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi, India
Title: Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi, India
Description: Honorable Vice President of India, Bhairo Singh Shekhawat, expressed his surprised about the grandeur of the program "I cannot believe that so many people came on call for peace. But after seeing through my eyes, I believe that India and its citizens, and the brothers and sisters who have come from abroad, accept Maharaji's message from their heart and lead their life accordingly. I am glad that Maharaji, as messenger in this world for peace for last forty years, takes around such a beautiful message in everyone's life. This is really achievement in life. I wish to thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to watch and listen Maharaji"

Maharaji:Everyone has heard about God, but no one actually knows him. If they had known God for real, then there would have been no killing in the name of the God. God- The one who exists inside every human being, you know about this in theory, but couldn't never find out for reality.
Is ghat andar baag bageeche!
Isi mein sehjan haara!!

Is ghat andar saat samandar!
Isi mein nau lakh taara!!

Is ghat andar parasmoti!
Isi mein parkhan haara!!

Is ghat andar anhad garze!
Isi mein uthat phuwara!!

Kehat kabir suno bhai saadho!
Isi mein saain hamara!!

People spend tremendous amount of money to make everyone merciful, so that they don't get angry. But think for a moment, when you are happy from within, don't you automatically become peaceful? When you are happy some day, you automatically become kind. If someone tries to come ahead of you in a cinema theatre line, you can beat him to death. But if you are in good mood, you will even give him the space to come ahead. Why is it so?

Unless there is peace inside, outside its only absurd. People say it is not possible to bring peace. But I know it is possible, because I'm reaching people one by one. Lamp has to be lit one by one. People get caught up in descriptions, and miss out the actual experience.
rahiman baat agam ki!
kaha suni ki naaye!!

dhan-dhan kahe jo dhani bane!
nirdhan rahe na koye!!
Shouting out "money money" doesn't make you any rich. Similarly, shouting "Peace Peace" doesn't bring peace.

Duration: 31:11 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Anubhav jaroori kyun hai?
Title: Anubhav jaroori kyun hai?
Description: A beautiful bhajan by Guru Nanak:
Tu sumiran kar le mere mana,
Teri beeti umar hari naam bina!!

panchi pankh bin,
hasti dant bin,
naari purush bina!

vaishya putra, pita bina hina,
taise praani hari ke naam bina!!

Tu sumiran kar le mere mana,
Teri beeti umar hari naam bina!!

deh nayan bin,
raen chandra bin,
dharti megh bina!

Jaise pandit ved vihuna
taise praani hari ke naam bina

Tu sumiran kar le mere mana,
Teri beeti umar hari naam bina!!
koop neer bin,
dhenu cheer bin,
mandir deep bina!

Jaise taruvar fal bina hina,
taise praani hari ke naam bina!!

Tu sumiran kar le mere mana,
Teri beeti umar hari naam bina!!

kaam krodh mad lobh nivari
maaya chaandi satguru sir dhaaro!

nanak kahe suno bhagwanta,
ya jag mein nahi kou apna!!

God gave you whatever he had to. If you use it wisely, you will have comfort. If you use it in incorrect way, you will have tough time. It is totally up to you. If I take a glass of water and incline it, but at a distance of a foot from my mouth, will it quench my thirst? However hard you tried in searching and getting out the water the well, into a bucket, and pull it up and fill the glass of water. If you don't drink but spill it next to you, how can you be quenched? Kabir das ji says
paani mein meen piyaasi!
mohe sun sun aawe haasi!!

Who is that fish? You are the fish. And kabir das ji wrote this bhajan for you. How did Kabir das know you? Because you are also a human being, and it applies to all human beings.
Aatam gyaan bina nar bhatke!
kya mathura kya kaasi!

mrig naabhi mein hai kasturi!
van van phire udaasi!!

People in this world keep self knowledge apart, and then ask what is this life. Unless you have self-knowledge, you will never understand yourself. That which you think as yourself is not you.

Duration: 61:27 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Jeevan ek ashirvad
Title: Jeevan ek ashirvad
Description: In this world, people try various ways to stay away from problems. If they have pain in back, they run around to find ways to lessen it. Poor run around to become rich. But i say you are a human being. You are a blessing of the God himself. You are not made by just someone, or made in China, made in India, or Made in USA.

Someone asked me if I believe in process of evolution. I said God created nature and the nature created us. The creator created the process of evolution. The creator has created you through the medium of evolution. And everything has been created for a reason. People can argue that if eyes were on the leg, then walking would have been easier. But there is a reason to put eyes on the head. You are given two ears so that you don't only hear, but also know the origin of the sound. You have given two eyes so that not only can you see, but also understand the depth of the object. Know the fact, that God himself has created you. He has not done one, but many many favors to you. People say to God to prove if he exists. And he is proving himself through each breath you breath!
Nar tan bhav vaaridh kahoon beru
san mukh maroot anugrah mero

The coming and going of this breath is my blessings on you!
karun dhaar satguru dridh nawa
durlabh karya sulabh kari paava

People wait for their lottery ticket to become lucky. The day you were born, your lottery ticket just got lucky!

Duration: 32:20 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Bin dekhe
Title: Bin dekhe
Description: The person who has lost his child, searches for him/her. When the child grows into an adult, the parents find a partner for their child. Boy looks for girl to marry, and girl looks for boy to marry. Everyone is searching for someone. What is the real thing which everyone is searching for? Now that we have divided the world into so many boundaries, we say American cities are rich. You are an Indian, you are Sri-lankan, you are Pakistani... We have forgotten a human being. A Human being is a human being, however they look. All the boundaries that have been drawn are not drawn by God, but the humans themselves. Talking about search, kabir das ji wrote a bhajan
paani mein meen piyasi, mohe sun sun aawe haasi
What does he say? The fish which lives in the water is thirsty. And this makes me laugh. That which fish is looking for, is all around it. But people don't understand, that infinite which they are looking for, is within them. There are scientist, well-learned, who says "We do not believe in these things. We want proof!" What kind of proof? The breath that is going in and out of you, is not a proof? You are alive, you can see around. What is it, tell me. If a human being is alive and he is weighed. And he dies, and the weight is taken immediately thereafter. Do you think their will be any difference between the two? No. Five minutes ago, he could laugh, cry, walk around. And now something is no more in his body, and now he can neither cry, nor laugh or walk around. And their is no weight of that thing. Even air has weight, but not that thing. It resides within you. Where do you search for it? Outside. How many things do you believe in? And believe in things that you've never seen, or experienced. Go wherever in this world, you will always find people who believe in God. I do not talk about religion. What do people imagine of God. One who doesn't need eyes, people imagined him to have eyes. The one who powers the universe, people gave him rest on bed! This earth won't survive, even scientist claims so. Neither will sun, or the moon, or the stars. When everything has to go, including you- What can you do? One thing you can do in your life, You can experience the Supreme joy 'Parmanand' in your life, you can experience the 'alakh purush'- God in your life. This is not impossible- this is possible.

People ask if I oppose going to temples. No I don't. Go if you wish, but don't forget to visit the temple that is inside of you. The one who created the whole universe is within you.

Duration: 44:45 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Andheri Sports complex Mumbai
Title: Andheri Sports complex Mumbai
Description: Maharaji explained that all people have needs. Some are basic needs such as thirst, hunger, or sleep that need to be satisfied. Numerous businesses have been created to satisfy these needs. In many ways it could be said that the world is need-driven. On the other hand, many needs, he said, have been created by society, and it is society that tells us we should fulfill them. Trying to fulfill these needs that are not our real needs often becomes stressful. We long for more money or for a better job, but these are not our fundamental needs. They are dictated by the society, and they will never be satisfied completely. He explained that the true need is the need that the heart believes to be true. Since we cannot fulfill all our needs, at least we need to fulfill the one main need we can fulfill, the one need that the heart knows to be true.

The true need, he said, is within the heart, and it is up to the heart to say what it is. It needs to be experienced for oneself. Unless peace is experienced in the heart, he continued, a person will remain unsatisfied. When the heart is at peace, on the other hand, the need to satisfy a long list of needs is replaced by an expression of gratitude for being alive.

He added that however deep the darkness may be, a lamp is always burning within us, and that within us are the answers that we are looking for. We search for questions because we think they will lead us to answers, but at some point we need to search for answers. If we find answers without the questions, he concluded, that would be very good.
Duration: 41:54 min


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