पूर्ण वीडियो क्लिप्स

Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Anand ki Pahechan Anand ki Pahechan [35:25 min] When does a lamp look beautiful? Diya kab sundar lagta hai? In this chakki - the grinding stone of this world, do you really want to jump in? Or do you want to truly understand who you truly are? A master weights you against your possibility - kya sambhav hai!
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Apni Talaash Apni Talaash [37:01 min] That which you are seeking for, is within you. I'm not saying that it will be inside you, or that it should be inside you. It is inside you. I will give you an example. Once upon a time, there was a destitute man. He had very very less resources. He went around too see the possibilities, and found a barren piece of land. He went to the landowner, and pleaded the landowner to take whatever wealth and belongings he had, and give him the land. Since the land was barren and full of boulders, it was not bringing any money anyways, so the landlord gave the land to the poor man. He worked very hard on it. He ploughed day and night, so it finally became green and fertile.

After years of hard work, he became fairly rich. He had a home and family also now. Everytime he got money by selling the crop, he would buy gold from it. Years passed and his kids grew up. When he was very old he took all the gold he had, packed it in a box, and dug it in the ground. In the final moment of his life, he called up his sons and told them "You are my son. And I want to you live happily without begging everyone. So listen to me carefully. When I die, then in the field that we have, don't forget to continue farming. Don't forget to plough this field. And I can guarantee you, that if you do so, you will never have to beg, you will have all the riches". Time passed, and kids thought that living in the little village limited their possibility, so they left village and left for city. They tried desperately hard in all businesses but couldn't succeed. Slowly slowly they got so caught up in their struggle and making money, that they forgot about the land they had in village. The house in village also became dilapidated, and the land became infertile again.

After many years a poor person just like the old man, came across the land and offered the same way to old man's son. Son thought about the land which had anyways never benefited them anyway. So they gave the land for a trifle. And as this poor man started his arduous work of ploughing, his plower struck the same box. He dug out the box, and he found huge amount of gold!

This life is the field, and practicing knowledge is like putting the plower in this land to make it fertile!

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